HPE Nimble questions

I’ve been checking the search phrases on my website and recently I started to see some queries regarding Nimble replication. Hereby some short answers for those questions:

“nimble storage set up replication without infosight”

To set up replication there is no need for Infosight. It can be done and only can be done by using the Nimble array’s own interface or CLI if you wish. Infosight is still analitics in its current state. Later if might change to act as tie breaker in peer persistence systems.

“hpe nimble whitepaper replication”

I am not aware of public whitepaper around sync replication, but it will come for sure. I am going shedule a webinar about this and since I have to arrays – real ones – will set up sync replication in live. Later I’ll upload that video recording for offline use.

“sync replication over fc”

No, it is not available at he moment. Sync replicaiton is working only over IP. Period.