Podcast E06 – VMware Cloud Foundation in practice

First time in my podcast series that I have a guest, what more two. So this episode two VMware employees will join me – well I join them – discussing lessons learned of real life VMWare Cloud Foundation implementations and why it should be a way forward for companies.

Only using audio it is difficult to whiteboard something or show a slide, so everything we have talked about will be posted on Angieszka’s blog (below).

Agnieszka Koziorowska

VMware – Senior Solution Engineer – Hybrid Cloud SDDC, vExpert 2020/2019
Angieszka is respected and experienced engineer around VMware VSAN and VCF. She is blogging too, make sure to follow here: https://www.softwaredefinedblog.com

Her VCF detailed tutorial is here (like the drawings): https://www.softwaredefinedblog.com/vmware-cloud-foundation/

Czuczumanov Valentin

VMware – Senior Solutions Engineer
I guess no need to have him introduced, at least not in Hungary. 7 x vExpert and experienced professional.

Other important links

Cormac Hogan has some serious content about VCF 4.0 here: https://cormachogan.com/2020/03/20/getting-started-with-vmware-cloud-foundation-vcf-4-0/

Since we were touching block storage with VCF a bit in the podcast, this is how it can be done: https://cormachogan.com/2020/02/18/getting-started-with-vcf-part-11-external-storage/

This one is a great additional reading about VCF (but with vSAN ? ): https://blogs.vmware.com/virtualblocks/2019/04/11/vmware-cloud-foundation-starts-with-vsan/

An Hands On Labs……must repeat myself many many times. Use it! It is free and it is real!

This one is really nailed VCF: HOL-2046-01-HCI – VMware Cloud Foundation – Getting Started