VMware vExpert 2020 application – mid year

The application has been opened for as we reached the mid of this year. If you have done things that help spreading the use of VMware products, presented and evangelized how VMware can help or have a blog/podcast this is your time to apply!

What vExpert program is?

vExpert is a title which is given to individuals for sharing their expertise in VMware products and technology. It can be given to public speakers if you present at your local VMUG events. It can be given if you have a blog where you post often. It can be given if you do something extra other than using a product.

What is the benefit of being a vExpert?

The title itself is a good start, but let’s just not stop there. You get licenses for almost all VMware proucts for free of charge – home lab here you go – a pretty good Slack access – per solution channels – exclusive vExpert events either online or at VMworld – last year in Barcelone Pat Gelsinger was attending the vExpert party. Also managed to source an rPI as everyone attending VMworld as a vExpert got one. Furthermore many other vendors are giving away free licenses if you are listed as a vExpert.

How to apply?

Hand in your application here: https://vexpert.vmware.com

But before you do, collect things that are must to be successful. Make a list about events/sessions/presentation you were a contributor or speaker. Describe the title and some details about the content and if possible add the event URL for each which confirms that you were the speaker. If you were actively doing work in you VMUG community, detail that. If you have a blog/podcast, put them in.

There are three paths, choose wisely:

  • customer path
  • evangelist path
  • VPN (VMware Partner Network) path

In most cases it is the best to add multiple reference persons to the application. An example like is if you presenting at a webinar with a local VMware employee in your country, that VMware eployee should be included as a reference person.


Application open: 1st June

Application close: 20th June

Results: scheduled to be released around 17th July.

Where to get help?

Ask a vExpert Pro. They are tasked with this as a top priority. Contact them if you need help in preparing for the application, get in touch with them if you have questions about how the form should be filled to maximize the chance to be a vExpert.

Directory where you can find one: https://vexpert.vmware.com/directory/pro

I am a vExpert Pro so at your service too.

Does it worth?

Absolutely, you have nothing to lose, but can benefit a lot. You can be distinguished for the extra work you do in spreading VMware solutions. It also feels great when you get the mail about successful application. Clients recognize also.