NVMe arrived with Primera OS 4.2

Back in the days when HPE has announded Primera as it’s future proof tier 0 storage, they proudly stated that Primera is NVMe ready, but not really shipping with NVMe drives at start. It was clear that the chassis, the controllers are all compatible with a later released NVMe media. Now it is time, with the release of the Primera OS 4.2, this is fulfilled, NVMe attached drives are now in the shops.

As usualy don’t even think about getting a hybrid Primera, NVMe will allowed only in all flash models – hybrid models are not even orderable for understandable reasons in many many regions.

After upgrading to POS 4.2 or after buying one Primera after the 29th June, Primera systems can have 8 or 16 NVMe drives on board. The count depens on the node count. So in 630/650/670 (2N) systems 8 NVMe are supported, while 650/670(4N) boxes 16 NVMe drives are supported.

Where to put those drives?

Depending the model, always to the top right cage in the head unit.

There are four different NVMe drives in terms of their capacity 1.92TB, 3.84TB, 7.68TB and 15.36TB.

Purely using these 8/16 NVMe SSDs the maximal capacity considering the rule of a thumb deco ratio of 3:1 are below:

  • HPE Primera 630: 250 TB effective
  • HPE Primera 650: 500 TB effective
  • HPE Primera 670: 500 TB effective

It this capacity is not enough, than normal old fashioned SAS SSDs can be added next to them but very important to put at least 8/16 (based on 2/4 node system) SAS drives into the system. Minimum! In these NVMe/SAS mixed systems both media should be configured in the same CPG, that is how it needs to be done. If your Primera already have the NVMe capable slots occupied, HPE is at your service to rebalance it and let you add those NVMe SSDs in those.

How fast is it? Current figures are unknown, but worth to mention that statistics showing – HPE Infosight based on their already install Primera arrays around the globe – 75% of the IOPS are served under 250 microseconds, already without NVMe.

4 new iSCSI enabled network cards have been announced as a bonus,10 and 25GBit capable speeds. 2 port 10GBit SFP, 2 port 25 GBit, 4 port 10/25Gbit SFP, 4 port 10GBit T are all now on the table.

Primera OS 4.2 will be available at 29th June. So will be gradually shown as installable by clients, this is the lovely part.