My name is Peter Neumann, the first double VCIX title owner in Hungary. Mid term plan is to go for the VCDX level.

In my current job role my task is to design, plan and implement systems in an integrated fashion. I believe this can be done only if I continuously learn, invest in learning new technologies to have a broad generic knowledge in related areas, both on vendor level and on technical level. My top focus is VMware and HPE, but since a good architect/engineer is not a one dimension person, I am also perpared in DellEMC’s, Cisco’s and many other vendors’ offering as well.

I’ve been working at EDS-HP-HPE for ten years, first as a wintel system administrator, contracted to keep Microsoft Windows servers alive for multinational companies. After some years once my boss came and said, we have to support VMware OS as well. And this is where all started, had to run ESX 2.5.2 systems. Many other things came, like I started to work with Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 platforms – later all way up to XenApp/XenDesktop 7.1 – Appsense and of course the usual Microsoft Windows Server lineup – 2000 to 2016. Which could be turned on a Windows Server, was supported by my team.

Later I moved into Global Engineering and Technical consulting, which was the best position ever in my life. Had the luck to travel, I’ve been to almost all county of Europe and was honored to work for companies like Posten/Postnord – swedish and danish post – Absolut – which was Vin and Sprit at a time – SKF, Beaulieu, Norske Skog, Wartsila, Rothschild, Shell, Nokia, FCC and NS Dutch Railways. Working in ITO gives you a lot of experience in architecture. I managed to cover both datacenter and workplace towers in these transition and transformation projects. When GETC was laid off here in Hungary, I started to work for 99999 Informatika Ltd. which is my current employer at the moment.

My badges can be found at Credly site: